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About The Cause

We are currently sponsoring A Woman's Right to Pleasure -- the proceeds of which support Dr. Amir Marashi, is a New York City OBGYN and vaginal surgeon whose revolutionary work in the US and internationally along with his mission to help victims of genital mutilation.

LELO also recently made a $20,000 donation to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute in support of Black Trans lives and have pledged $250,000 to support BIPOC influencers through 2021.

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About The Cause

We support the following:


About The Cause

Siksha Foundation

Julie Stewart is part of their Board of Directors
Siksha Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3, charitable organization committed to providing assistance to poverty-stricken children and families through means of education and other humanitarian efforts. The Siksha Foundation started in 2013 because they witnessed first-hand the need to serve the poverty-stricken children in India and Africa with the basic building blocks for learning, and ultimately for a successful future.


1. Their goal is to provide educational guidance and mentorship programs – for all levels of education.
2. Offer financial support to underprivileged qualified candidates.
3. The foundation will have fundraising activities to support endeavors, including but not limited to: education, medical, clean drinking water and other various humanitarian efforts.
4. They anticipate assisting 15 to 20 qualified candidates every six-month period with financial services.
More about Siksha Foundation:


About The Cause

We support the ACNM.
They promote education and legislation for nurse midwives.